How do I add a link URL or ALT text to my image?
If your email campaign includes images, you can add a link URL or ALT text to the image in Campaign/Step 6 Edit Content.
  • Adding a link URL to an image will navigate recipients to the link URL you specify when they click on the image.
  • Adding ALT text to images will help customers see text content in place of images, without loading the images.

To make these additions, navigate to Campaigns/Step 6 Edit Content of your email campaign.

If adding an image to the email for the first time:

  • Add a Body - image section to the email content.
  • Click on the empty image box.  This displays the Select Image window.
  • Select or upload the image you would like to insert, then enter the Link URL & ALT text, found at the bottom of the window.
  • Click Save.
If the image already exists in an email:
  • Click on the existing image.  This displays the Select Image window.
  • Enter the Link URL & ALT text for this image
  • Click Save.