View or Export Contacts in a Segment
To view contacts in a segment, navigate to the Campaigns/Step 4 Select Recipients.  Click on any of the numbers, found under the Recipients column, to view the contacts in the selected segment list.

A window appears displaying the Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Customer Number and Opt In date. This list can be sorted by any of the column headings by simply clicking on the column name.

You can search for specific contacts:
  • by entering any part of the email address in the Email: filter, then press Refresh
  • by entering any part of the customer number in the Customer #: filter, then press Refresh
  • by selecting the Type drop down box to search on either Customers or Prospects, then press Refresh
  • by choosing any combination of the 3 above, then press Refresh
To export these contacts, click on the Export to .CSV/.PDF link, located on the bottom left side of the screen.

If you find a malformed or invalid email address on the list and would like to correct it, review this helpful article View/Manage Contact Email Addresses.

Important Note: The recipients in a segment may change at any time.  Segments change due to data changes and additions in NCR Counterpoint. The segment recipient list is rebuilt at exactly the time an email is sent, so some variation of actual email recipients is likely to occur.