CounterPoint V7 Integration Agent Installation Instructions for LINUX

1. You will need to run the NCR Counterpoint Integration Agent Installer on your NCR Counterpoint server. Make sure all users are logged out before running the Installer.

2. Download the Integration Agent zip file, the location of this file is provided at the end of these instructions.

3. Copy the file to NCR Counterpoint's top-level directory.  For most NCR Counterpoint installations it is located under /usr/syn.

4. Unzip the file by typing unzip, at the command prompt. Files will be unzipped in the following location:
  • CustomerConnect/Bin/
  • CustomerConnect/Bin/ccconfig.csv
  • CustomerConnect/MasterConfig/custconn.mas
  • <CounterPoint top level directory>/
  • <CounterPoint top level directory>/CCConfig
  • <CounterPoint top level directory>/CUSTCONN.SH
  • <CounterPoint top level directory>/custconn

5. Install the Integration Agent by typing sh CUSTCONN.SH 

The Integration Agent installer checks for the installation of the Screen Window Manager. If it's installed, the installation continues with # 6 below.

If the Screen Window Manager is not found, the installer will issue the following message:

"The required screen window manager is not installed on your system. The installer will attempt to install that package now. Press <ENTER> to continue and follow the screen prompts."

After completing the Screen installation, the installation continues with # 6 below.

If the attempt to install the Screen Window Manager fails, we will display the following message and exit the Integration Agent installation.

"The screen window manager was not successfully installed. Please download and install the screen package using your operating system utilities and re-run the CustomerConnect installation script."

Return to Step 5 and follow the instructions to re-run the Integration Agent installation.

6. The Integration Agent installation prompts for the following information:
  • Enter NCR Counterpoint Company ID - this data is validated.  If an invalid Company ID is entered this message is displayed: "The selected company cannot be found.  Please enter a valid company."
  • Enter a valid NCR Counterpoint user - the User ID is not validated.  If a valid User ID is not provided, the data update processes for NCR Customer Connect will fail. Note: It is best to use the root/super user.
  • Enter the time of day to update (integer between 1 and 24) - Enter the time of day the NCR Customer Connect data update should run, in military time.  Choose a time of day when the business is not operational.

The Integration Agent installation completes and a job number is created with the time specified for the update to run each day.

7. Now that you have reviewed the instructions, log into your NCR Counterpoint server and  click here to launch the Integration Agent Installer or type this URL into your browser: and follow the instructions above.

Note: The NCR Counterpoint V7 service packs for all supported versions of NCR Customer Connect (NCR Counterpoint 7.5.14 and later) have been updated on our Web site with support for NCR Customer Connect. If you ever need to install a service pack for your NCR Counterpoint software after installing NCR Customer Connect, please be sure to obtain the latest version of the service pack.

Additional Information on the Integration Agent Data Update Processes
CUSTCONN.SH runs the Integration Agent installation. The custconn script runs once a day at the time specified during the installation and it updates/creates the xml files, then it runs to transmit the files. Afterward, it reschedules itself for the next scheduled time using "at"
command. If you change the configuration and designate a new time for the update to run, a new job is created.
To view the jobs scheduled, type at -l after completing the installation.

The CCConfig script runs from the NCR Counterpoint menu to update the configuration settings. Both automatic and manual updates for NCR Customer Connect create files with an xml extension. Xml files are moved from the Exports directory to the Archive directory after the NCR Customer Connect data is received. For Linux, files are deleted from the Archive directory after 7 days old.

Any errors that may occur while running the automatic update script will be logged to CustomerConnect\Logs\custconn.log.

Manual Update instructions: If you wish to update customer and sales data to the NCR Customer Connect site manually or would like to update the Integration Agent configuration, click here for more instructions.

If you choose to do both, update and send the data to the NCR Customer Connect site at the same time, type sh custconn from a command prompt at the top level Counterpoint directory.

If you need any assistance, contact us at