How to Export your Results to CSV/PDF file format

NCR Customer Connect provides you the ability to export your Results to a .CSV/.PDF file format. The .CSV file gives you the opportunity to view, sort, and manipulate the data any way you'd like prior to printing it.

To export your Results:

  • Click on the Export to .CSV/.PDF link found on the bottom left side of the page.
  • When prompted select either Open/Save to open/save the .CSV/.PDF file, then select OK.

The Export to File link can be found in the following locations under the Results tab:

  • Results/Contacts
  • Results/Campaigns - under each level (Campaign Results, Email Results, & Submission Results)
  • Any columns with blue links under them (Opens, Clicks, & Purchases)
  • Link and Social Media Tracking, including the Unique Recipients link in blue

Note: The following data is available for 90 days only. 

  • Open and Bounce contact data, found on the Results/Campaign page.
  • Unique Recipient contact data, found on the Results/Links page.

If you'd like to capture this data for future use, export these recipient lists and label them accordingly so you know which email they were pulled from.