Examples of emails "Shared" and "Liked" on Facebook and Twitter

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Examples are provided, below, to display how "Shared" and "Liked" emails are seen in both Facebook and Twitter. Variables have been included to show how they are handled on each of these social media sites. Variables are included in the:

  • Email Subject Line: Message from #CompanyName## 
  • Banner: ##CompanyName##
  • Header - Title: ##CompanyName##
  • Body Content: ##FirstName##
  • Footer: ##CompanyEmailAddress##
Here's a copy of the original email created from Step 6-Edit Content:


This is a copy of the email in the recipient's inbox.

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Choosing Facebook "Share"


Recipients are prompted to log into Facebook when selecting the Facebook "Share" option.
After logging in, a page similar to this one
is displayed.


The recipient has an opportunity to:
  1. Select where they'd like to share the email - defaults to "On your own Timeline"
  2. Enter a personal note in the "Say something about this..." box - empty by default
  3. Choose the audience they'd like to share the email post with - defaults to "Public"

After the recipient completes the steps they'd like to change, they must select Share Link to post the email on their Facebook page.

Something similar to this post is displayed on the recipient's Facebook wall after "sharing" the email. In this example, the recipient entered "Join me this Saturday @ 5pm!" as their personal note.



  • The image displayed on Facebook along with the email post is selected on Campaigns/Step 6, under the Social Media - Post and Share Image section. For more information about this section please review #3 of this help article.
  • Facebook determines how images are displayed in the post; they base it on the size and aspect ratio of the image selected. Click here for more info. 

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Choosing Facebook "Like"


Recipients are prompted to confirm their selection when selecting the Facebook "Like" option.

Here's a copy of the confirmation page:


After selecting "Like" again, the page displays this:


This is what's displayed on the recipient's Facebook wall after "Liking" the email:


If Mitch's friends click on the email link "Shared" or "Liked", on his wall, it displays a link to the email received by Mitch, as displayed here.

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Choosing Twitter "Share"


Recipients are prompted to log into Twitter when selecting the Twitter "Share" option.
Afterwards, the following page is displayed and "Tweet" must be selected to share it.


After selecting "Tweet", the shared email looks like this on the Twitter page:


If another Twitter user clicks on the link, the email is displayed as follows:


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