Why are my emails not delivered to all my contacts?
There are several reasons a contact may not receive your email. Here are a few tips that may help you correct the issue:

The following are some tips to assist your contacts:
  • Ask the contact to check their junk/spam folder first. If they find your emails there, ask them to add your email to their safe senders list. Review article How to Whitelist our Email Address, for more information.
  • Your contacts email inbox may be full so no other emails can be received by them. Have them check their email inbox and delete old or unwanted emails to make room for future emails to be received.
  • The contact's email address has been disabled or deleted by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). If this is true, they will be unable to sign into their email account. If this is the case, they will need to contact their ISP for additional assistance.
The following are things you can do to possibly correct the issue:

Other software, like antivirus programs, may interfere with NCR Customer Connect. Whitelist (unblock or mark as trusted) NCR Customer Connect URLs and IP addresses, if the option is available within your antivirus program.

NCR Customer Connect URLs:

NCR Customer Connect IP addresses:

Select one of the following options to find instructions on how to whitelist these URLs and IPs. If your antivirus program is not listed, please review the manual that came with your program or contact the antivirus program's support desk. After whitelisting our URLs and IPs, you will need to close all internet browsers and restart them. Some antivirus programs require you to reboot your computer, if needed reboot the computer too.


Additional information can be found here: Why are some recipients not receiving recurring emails?