Whitelist (unblock or mark as trusted) CustomerConnect URLs and IP addresses
To help with data communication issues, whitelist (unblock or mark as trusted) the following URLs and IP addresses within your antivirus program, routers, firewalls, content filters, etc. Contact your network administrator for assistance.

NCR Customer Connect Email Addresses and Web Server URLs:

NCR Customer Connect Web Server IP address:
NCR Customer Connect Email Server IP addresses (for corporate mail servers, ex: Exchange):

Select one of the following options to find instructions on how to whitelist these URLs and IPs. If your antivirus program is not listed, please review the manual that came with your program or contact the antivirus program's support desk. After whitelisting our URLs and IPs, you will need to close all internet browsers and restart them. Some antivirus programs require you to reboot your computer, if needed reboot the computer too.