Waiting for Unscrubbed Email Addresses
A new option has been added to Campaigns/Step 8 and Manage/Defaults under Additional Email Options. The option is named,"Send email without waiting for unscrubbed email addresses".
This option defaults to YES and assists with minimizing the delay of an email, by not sending the email to unscrubbed addresses. Scrubbing continues on the unscrubbed addresses so future emails can be sent to those contacts. Note: Scrubbing is a process that verifies if a new email address is a known, good and active.
Prior to 1/21/12, this option didn't exist so an email may have been delayed because it had to scrub new email addresses before the email could be sent. The scrubbing process only affects an email if the new email addresses are recipients of a scheduled, sent or recurring email. This often happens when a list is uploaded into NCR Customer Connect right before or after the email is sent and the list uploaded affects a segment used in the email.
When to change this setting to NO:
If you'd like your email to be sent to unscrubbed contacts and a possible delay will not affect your message, this option may be changed to NO. For example, a merchant chooses to open their business on Sundays and sends an email to all contacts notifying them of this change. To make sure all recipients receive this message, select NO. This will send the email to recipients when scrubbing is complete.
When changing this option to NO, on Step 8, the following message is displayed if unscrubbed addresses affect segments used in the email. The message is a reminder to let you know NCR Customer Connect will wait to scrub all addresses before sending the email. If you choose not to wait for unscrubbed email addresses, click OK on the warning message, CANCEL the email, change the setting, and reschedule the email.
Additions were made to the following areas, after adding this setting:
  • Manage/Defaults page - click here, to review the changes (located under Additional Email Options) .
  • Manage/Lists page - click here, to view the new message displayed after uploading a list.
  • Manage/Lists page - click here, to view the new column added (labeled unscrubbed)