Why would I want to insert a variable into my email content or subject line?
Variables are very convenient when you want to insert timely or customer specific content into an email at the time it is sent. Variables can be applied to both the email Content and email Subject Line. For example, you can insert a customer's Loyalty Points Earned in the content of a recurring email to your buyer club members. Each time the recurring email is sent, the latest value is automatically inserted into the email. Review the end of this article for a list of all available variables.

To add a variable to the Email Content:
  • Navigate to Campaigns/Step 6 and click on a section of the email where you'd like to add a variable. 
  • Place the cursor where you'd like to insert the variable and click the VAR icon, found on the second row of icons located at the top of the editor. A Select Variable window appears:
  • Expand each section to select the variable you'd like to apply. For a list of all the variables available, review the table at the end of this article.

Note: Some browser add-ons may cause unexpected behavior, like variables not working properly. Please test your email prior to sending to verify they look and work correctly.

An example of a variable in the email subject line would be Recipient First Name, to personalize your email.

To add a variable to the Email Subject Line: 

  • Navigate to Campaigns/Step 2 and create a new email or select an existing email on the page.
  • Type in the email subject line and click the Insert Variable link, located to the right of the Email Subject Line. A Select Variable window appears, as seen above.
  • Expand each section to select the variable you'd like to apply to the subject line.

Note: When using variables, if the data for the variable is not on file the variable will be left blank. 

For example, if you add a subject/content that reads: 
"##RecipientFirstName## - ##Company Name## is inviting you to our biggest SALE of the year!"

You would expect it to look like this to the recipient:
 "Joe - Camptown Sports is inviting you to our biggest SALE of the year!". 

If you haven't captured the recipient's first name, the subject/content will look like this to the recipient:
" - Camptown Sports is inviting you to our biggest SALE of the year!".

Try to construct the subject line/email content so that it still looks okay if the variable data is not available.

The following variables are currently available for use: 
 Note: Transactional Email variables are available to Silver point of sale merchants only.