What is the Address Scrubber?
The Address Scrubber is a tool that displays the percentage of email addresses scrubbed within NCR Customer Connect and can be found on the Dashboard. The scrubber is always running; when email addresses are uploaded, the corresponding ISPs are contacted to verify if the address is known, good and active. The email address is marked valid or invalid, depending on the response from the ISP.
You'll see the scrubber in action when a large number of email addresses are uploaded at one time (this includes uploads from any source). While the addresses are being scrubbed the Address Scrubber will display the percentage scrubbed and the number of unscrubbed email addresses. 
  • In the past, the scrubbing process may have delayed an email from being sent because it must wait to scrub new addresses before sending the email. Click here, to learn more about how to decrease this delay.
  • Due to Amazon's email policy email addresses including 'marketplace.amazon.com' will be marked invalid, during the scrub process. Email cannot be sent to these addresses. 
Provided below are some screen shots of the address scrubber after uploading 16,442 contacts.
0% complete - all new contacts unscrubbed              30% complete - 11,442 unscrubbed contacts
72% complete - 4,442 unscrubbed contacts              100% complete - 0 unscrubbed contacts