How do I delete a segment?
Navigate to Campaigns/Step 4 and find the segment you'd like to delete, then select the (edit) link located next to it. On the bottom half of the page, choose the Delete link. 
A 'Warning' message appears asking, 'Are you sure you want to delete this segment?'.
  • If CANCEL is chosen, the segment is not deleted.
  • If OK is selected, the segment is deleted - if it's NOT in use by a mailout.
  • If OK is selected and the segment is in USE by a mailout, a 'Segment In Use' window appears and a list of mailouts using the segment is provided.


  • A segment cannot be deleted if it's in use.
  • You may remove the segment from the mailout(s) listed and attempt to delete the segment again.
  • Once a segment is deleted it cannot be restored.