Engaging with our Environment
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Earth Day reminds us to Engage with our Environment 

Spring is in Full Swing
The nursery is brimming with plants of all kinds that are good for you and our environment!
From pollinators and edibles, to chic new releases and heirloom classics, and drought tolerant and regional bests, we have a fine collection of plants well suited for the Treasure Valley and beyond.

MG carries many plants that are essential to the Idaho Ecosystem.
These varieties can thrive beautifully in your garden, provide food and shelter for bees, birds and animals, and many have medicinal uses. 
Bee Balm

It's time for Containers!
The Annual Collection in the Greenhouse is sheer delight! With plants for both Sun or Shade exposures, we've got you covered. 
Come in and design your containers -   
Or let us!

It's just clay, right?

Terracotta pots are a staple for any gardener.  The earthenware clay material is porous that allows more air to pass through, which is essential to root growth and proper plant development.  The porous surface also wicks water away from the roots and allows water to evaporate quickly.  (Can be helpful for those of us who tend to overwater.)

Typical or Standard Terracotta is considered low-fired, referring to the temperature it has been exposed to during its curing process.  This style promotes being very porous, though tends to be more delicate and susceptible to cracks and chipping.  Over time, low-fired terracotta can also show mineral residue absorbed from water (that white ring that forms near the bottom of the pot). 

German or Italian Terracotta is made from an assortment of finely filtered clay and is high-fired.  The higher curing temperature allows the clay materials to meld together to create a more durable vessel, overall.  This style, while remaining porous, can better withstand fluctuating temperatures and is more resistant to cracks and chips.  ** Side bonus - German and Italian terracotta pots can often be found in a variety of colors versus standard orange.

In the House
It's almost time to take those plants overwintering inside like citrus or palm and move them outside for a breath of fresh air. 50 degrees is the right low temperature to make the move! Consider applying a granular systemic to keep them bug free!
In the Garden
If you are excited to pot up or plant spring annuals and perennials, Go for It! Just make sure they are "hardened off" (in other words, they are outside and acclimated to cooler temps and NOT coming straight out of a warm and toasty greenhouse). If not hardened off, and temps dip below freezing, they may suffer some leaf and bloom damage. You can always pick up a bag of frost cloth from MG to cover them on nights where temps drop to 32 and below.
For additional assistance or if you have questions, please feel free to stop in or give us a call.

Host a custom class or party for any group of four or more.
Grab a few friends, pick a day/time, choose a topic (or select from one of ours) and create something gorgeous!
Groups have made custom terrariums, festive centerpieces, seasonal wreaths, succulent containers, some have even come for coaching on seed starters, companion planting, designing containers and forcing bulbs. Or you can create your own!
Costs vary based on the class.  E-mail us at [email protected] or call 208-995-2815 for more information.
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