The Blooming Month of May
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MAY is in Full Bloom

Accompanying warmer temperatures, May brings a garden FULL of blooms!
Come by this weekend and envision how everything will look in your garden.  We have bloomers in Sun and Shade Perennials, Vines, Shrubs and Trees.
This Eastern Redbud is transitioning from pink blossoms to red leaves.
Though warmer temps are heating up our days, we are still having some chilly nights.  Check your local zip code for average last Frost Days.
tip:  If there is snow on Bogus, more tender plants will need protection

May also brings us blooming Peonies!
MG offers both Herbaceous and Itohs in a variety colors.
This year we have found a sturdy and visually appealing Peony Cage to support your spring stunner.  Available in multiple sizes.

Topiaries in
Garden Design
Topiary is defined as the horticultural practice of training plants to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes.
The use of Topiaries in garden design dates back to Roman times and were found in the gardens of Julius Caesar.

Drifting in and out of fashion throughout the centuries, modern topiary designs can range from a single plant to hedges, and can be used to design pathways and mazes.

Traditional topiary designs are geometric shapes and are often seen in Cones, Sphere/Balls, Obelisks. 

Madeline George offers many topiary guides, including the new Cypress design shaped like a teardrop.  These guides look great with or without a plant.

Every spring brings wildlife into the nursery. 
This year, we have a scurry of baby squirrels playing around in the garden.
And clearly, these little ones are happy to Strike a Pose!  

In the House
Be careful in taking your houseplants outside, as danger of frosty nights could cause damage. Be sure temperatures are consistently about 50 degrees in the evening before leaving them out overnight.
In the Garden
At this time of year, be sure to check that your irrigation system drips and spray-heads are working properly. Look for signs of underwatering or overwatering and adjust if necessary.
For additional assistance or if you have questions, please feel free to stop in or give us a call.

Host a custom class or party for any group of four or more.
Grab a few friends, pick a day/time, choose a topic (or select from one of ours) and create something gorgeous!
Groups have made custom terrariums, festive centerpieces, seasonal wreaths, succulent containers, some have even come for coaching on seed starters, companion planting, designing containers and forcing bulbs. Or you can create your own!
Costs vary based on the class.  E-mail us at [email protected] or call 208-995-2815 for more information.

 Got a Green Thumb?  (or hoping to grow one?)
We're Hiring!  
Looking for a Garden Center Nursery Assistant with Opening Responsibilities
Shift:  Sun - Mon - Tues
Time:  OPEN - 1:30p
Go to our website at for job description or stop in and pick one up!

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