Spring is in the Air
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Spring has Arrived

Madeline George is now
 and our Perennials tables are filling up with the most beautiful spring bloomers, all ready to live in your garden
Even this little guy stopped in for a visit
(and graciously struck a pose)

A fresh delivery of Geraniums and other gorgeous annuals arrived and are available in our Greenhouse!

FREE Houseplant
Bring your own pot or buy one of ours!
We'll re-pot your houseplant one size up
... for FREE! 
(restrictions apply)
Now thru Friday, March 22
applies to plants/pots up to 10"
limit (3) per customer

In the House
With more daylight hours and sun streaming through the windows, be on the lookout for sunburn or excessive wilting. You may want to move some plants away from direct sunlight.
Plants wilting, despite watering them frequently, may be rootbound and need to be potted up in order for the soil to hold moisture and nutrients. Now thru Friday, we are offering up to 3 free houseplant re-pots (one size up) per customer, up to 10". Bring in your own pot - or buy one of ours!
In the Garden
If you are excited to pot up or plant spring annuals and perennials, Go for It! Just make sure they are "hardened off" (in other words, they are outside and acclimated to cooler temps and NOT coming straight out of a warm and toasty greenhouse). If not hardened off, and temps dip below freezing, they may suffer some leaf and bloom damage. You can always pick up a bag of frost cloth from MG to cover them on nights where temps drop to 32 and below.
For additional assistance or if you have questions, please feel free to stop in or give us a call.

N - P - K
Have you ever noticed the three numbers on the packaging for fertilizer and wonder what they meant?
The numbers represent the three most important nutrients for growing plants. 
in order
Nitrogen (N) - Phosphorus (P) - Potassium (K)
and the number represents the % of each found in that particular fertilizer.

Nitrogen is the essential nutrient for plant leaves and the production of chlorophyll and is especially helpful for plants that need foliage growth.  In the garden, Nitrogen is necessary for a strong crop of Lettuce, Spinach, Kale and Parsley to name a few.  

Phosphorus is necessary for plants to build a strong root system and produce quality blooms.  Any plant with flowers (and flowers turning to fruit) need a healthy phosphorus level in its soil to help them thrive.

Potassium is necessary for all plants and promotes vigorous growth and hardiness, helping to create strong stems and stalks.  Fruiting plants like tomatoes, watermelons, cantelopes and blueberries benefit from potassium to support the fruits as they mature.

MG carries a variety of fertilizers from True Organic, Down to Earth, and G&B Organics, ranging from specific acid or citrus targeted use to all purpose.

Host a custom class or party for any group of four or more.
Grab a few friends, pick a day/time, choose a topic (or select from one of ours) and create something gorgeous!
Groups have made custom terrariums, festive centerpieces, seasonal wreaths, succulent containers, some have even come for coaching on seed starters, companion planting, designing containers and forcing bulbs. Or you can create your own!
Costs vary based on the class.  E-mail us at [email protected] or call 208-995-2815 for more information.
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