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Check out these HUGE savings this Black Friday, November 23rd from 9 am-7 pm and Small Business Saturday, November 24th from 9 am-4 pm!

Stock up on your pet's favorites, or try something new!

 Sales valid November 23rd and 24th, on normally stocked items only

Stop in and Shop our MYSTERY SALE!!  Savings so HUGE, we can't publish it!! 15% OFF entire line of products!! Up to $16 OFF large bags of food!!  

$1 OFF 4 lb Bags!
$2 OFF 12-15 lb Bags!
$3 OFF 30-40 lb Bags!
"Premium nutrition without a premium price."

15 % OFF!
"We've found it's easy to be transparent when you've got nothing to hide. Low calorie, easy to chew, grain-free, no wheat, corn or soy, made in the USA."

Dog Food
$2 OFF 4 lb Bag!
$4 OFF 12 lb Bag!
$6 OFF 26 lb Bag!
"We believe in building a legacy, for our dogs, and our sons and daughters — for generations to come. Producing the highest quality food always has been, and always will be, our #1 value at Born Free. We’ve partnered with the best, family-owned pet food manufacturer in America, and we take a hands-on approach to ingredient selection, production and testing — to ensure that Born Free is the best for our pets and yours."

Any Variety
15% OFF!
"We are a devoted team who are passionate about crafting trusted products that celebrate the human animal bond. We believe in “Keeping It Simple and Making it Great”… but more importantly in “Giving it Back”. Diggin’ Your Dog, Super Snouts and Stash donates a portion of all profits, products and our time to help homeless animals in need."

(Excluding Venture)
$3 OFF 5 lb Bags Dog and Cat!
$5 OFF 14 lb Bags Dog and Cat!
$7 OFF 28 lb Bags Dog!
"Whole Food Nutrition Born From The Earth"

Dry Dog and Cat Food
$2 OFF 4-5 lb Bags!
$5 OFF 12 lb and Larger Bags!
"Fromm Family Foods is a family owned and operated company passionately dedicated to the art of creating the highest quality, natural pet foods and treats for dogs and cats."

$2 OFF 2 lb, $4 OFF 4 lb, $6 OFF 10 lb!
"... our Physiologically Correct recipes always start with meats rich in complete proteins as the main ingredient. But it wouldn’t matter how nutritious our food is if your cat won’t eat it, so we tailor the taste of our recipes based on actual feline feedback to ensure it’s equally delicious. When we say our food is Co-Created by Cats, it isn’t just a slogan, it’s the secret to everything we make."

Don't forget some goodies for your pets this Thanksgiving!!
We have lots of delicious Turkey, Cranberry & Pumpkin choices!!

$4 OFF 3.3 lb Bags!



"A nutritional system for carnivores that's scientifically designed according to nature. Years of scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II led the Farmina Vet Research group to formulate a nutritional system designed for the nature of our four-legged family members. Natural & Delicious Grain-Free is unlike typical grain-free pet foods because we have substituted all cereals for animal proteins. The result is a high-quality cat food comprised of 70% animal ingredients and 30% vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals."

$2 OFF 5 lb Bag!
$3 OFF 15 lb Bag!
$5 OFF 25 lb Bag!
"Natural Planet Pet Foods has choices for organic foods and exotic protein sources such as Venison, Duck, Kangaroo and Rabbit.  Our Super Premium foods feature the Good 4 Life system and are for all life stages appropriate per AAFCO’s guidelines.  There are Grain Free options available and many feature fruits and vegetables as well as pro and pre-biotics."

Any Variety
15% OFF!
"The Northwest Naturals mission is to provide pet-lovers the option of feeding their pets a health-enhancing, life-prolonging and easy-to-feed food. Our products are carefully formulated based upon the most advanced science and principles of raw food diet preparation. We believe in the premise that BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) improves the quality of life for pets."

$8 OFF 6.5 lb Raw patties!
$5 OFF 4 lb Sliders!
$4 OFF Meaty Rox!
$2 OFF 5.5 oz Raw Freeze Dried!
$4 OFF 14 oz Raw Freeze-Dried!
$2 OFF Sardines!
$3 OFF Bones!
$2 OFF 16 oz Goat Milk!
$3 OFF 32 oz Goat Milk!
"OC Raw Dog uses only premium ingredients—all natural, whole muscle and organ meat, and farm fresh produce—with absolutely zero indirect or direct preservatives, chemicals, fillers or grains. The result is healthier, happier dogs."

15% OFF!
"Large dog or small, each mini treat is big on taste and only 4 calories - making OFF-LEASH the perfect all-natural reward for dogs of every size. Each mini is made from the best stuff - free of artificial colors and flavors."

15% OFF!

"Make pill time a delicious, rewarding and easy experience for your pet with Pill Buddy Naturals! Pill Buddy Naturals will accommodate almost any size pill or capsule intended for dogs - simply ‘push, squeeze and feed’ and put an end to all those left behind pills. Pill Buddy Naturals makes your dog's medicine irresistible because it's ‘marinated’ in an exclusive blend of natural ingredients called Nature’s Sauce."

$3 OFF 28 lb Bags!

 "The ultimate in pet nutrition!"

$2 OFF 5 lb Bag!
$3 OFF 15 lb Bag!
$5 OFF 25 lb Bag!
"PureVita’s™ select pet formulas are carefully prepared using specifically selected natural, holistic ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals) to support your pet’s overall health and emotional well being."

$3 OFF Any Size Bag!
"PureVita’s™ select pet formulas are carefully prepared using specifically selected natural, holistic ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals) to support your pet’s overall health and emotional well being."

Black Friday
25% OFF Any Variety!
Small Business Saturday
Buy One, Get One HALF OFF!
"Sweet potato is very high in anti-oxidants. We add nothing artificial, no sweeteners, colors, or processed food items. Sam's Yams are made only of human food quality, fresh sweet potato and nothing more. The trick is in the patent pending drying process, where the sweet potato is transformed into a chew that has characteristics similar to rawhide or jerky. Basically, a vegetable rawhide-like chew. Best of all, Dogs Love Them!

15% OFF!
"NO Preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, fillers.

“KUKUR” PUJA is the “Festival of Dogs” in Nepal. Dogs are adorned in flowers and vegetable powders and offered treats and food such as KUKUR CHEWS to celebrate and honor the bond between humans and dogs.


15% OFF!
"Keep it simple. Make it great."

FREE 4 lb Bag of Venture
with Purchase of any
12.5 lb or 25 lb Venture!
"You can’t expect to create exceptional dog food unless you make the effort to find the best ingredients, and sometimes the journey to finding the best ingredients is an exciting venture. Moving forward in a new direction, we are focused on creating a defined diet for dogs made of superior ingredients from sources we can trust. We may have limited the ingredients, but the nutrition and palatability are nothing close to limited."

$6 OFF 5.5 oz Jerky!
(in stock items only)
"Wet Noses still produces the best premium dog food and treats featuring only Non-GMO, human grade quality ingredients, without corn, wheat, soy, preservatives or artificial ingredients.If the universal sign of a healthy dog is a Wet Nose, then make sure to give them one every day."

Small Business Saturday ONLY
Raw Bar
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
Frozen Entrees
20% OFF!
Freeze Dried Entrees
20% OFF!

Dry Dog Food
$2 OFF 4 lb Bag!
$4 OFF 13 lb Bag!
$6 OFF 27 lb Bag!
"Our recipes mirror the true diet your pet’s ancestors thrived on. In the wild, while prey may vary from day to day, meals are limited in content. We follow this natural blueprint, and limit the number of ingredients in our recipes. This helps ensure proper digestion for your pet, while minimizing possible allergens and food sensitivities."

Any Variety
30% OFF!
"Born of love. Crafted with goodness. Made in New Zealand."

Mark your calendars for December 1st and join us for our 14th Midnight Magic celebration!  We will be open 9 am - 10 pm with many adoptables, demos, raffles, sales and live music!



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