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Trends by Signature Concepts
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A Business Case for Recognition
Effective employee recognition enhances employee motivation and satisfaction, increases employee productivity, and contributes to improved organizational performance. Organizations that do this well, tend to have a recognition strategy that is integrated, multi-faceted, and multi-tiered. These recognition and award programs support and reward employees, positively reinforce their initiative and creativity, and enhance business performance. And can be used for a wide variety of achievements and contributions, such as innovations and improvements, performance excellence, and length of service and is often presented at different levels depending on the accomplishment.
Recognition and Award Programs Can:
  • Reinforce company goals
  • Strengthen an employee’s image of your company
  • Foster employee loyalty and instill a climate of trust
  • Create a friendly and competitive environment
  • Encourage personal achievement and reward performance
  • Build relationships
  • Reduce turnover by up to 50%
  • Generate 56% higher customer loyalty
  • Create a 38% increase in productivity
  • Cause a 27% increase in profitability
Companies implementing recognition and award program strategies record higher levels of performance, employee retention, and safety levels when compared to those using other forms of incentive.
Plus, an employer can deduct up to $1600 for employee achievement awards provided to any single employee during a qualified recognition and award program initiative throughout a single tax year. (IRS Code 274J)
Recognition and award programs can play an important role in the success of your company. In times when corporations are looking for every avenue that can ensure success, don’t overlook the employees of your organization. Recognition as a business tool doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it is a wise investment that will create lasting value and achieve a long-term return. All it takes is thought, care, and a willingness to recognize your most valued and important assets.
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New and Noteworthy
We recently partnered with KFAN, Dan Barreiro and Justin Gaard to create 'Dong Show' t-shirts celebrating their famous catch phrase and the success of the Minnesota Twins. These wildly popular shirts have been seen in ballparks across the country and even as far away as Paris, France.
Hit a homerun and order one today:
Check out this combination of unique garments from J America Sportswear and our laser appliqué embellishment on new apparel items that we will be rolling out for the 2019 Minnesota State Fair.
Our customers can't get enough of custom drinkware from Tervis. They are perfect for employee recognition programs, customer appreciation, green initiatives, sponsorship gifts, corporate incentives and events.
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