Trends by Signature Concepts: Get the Most Out of Your Employee Uniforms
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Trends by Signature Concepts
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Select Apparel that Your Employees Will Love to Wear
Make the most of your company's uniform investment and consider these three suggestions to help you choose apparel that your employees will actually want to wear.
Consider the Wearer
Most organizations are made up of employees with a wide variety of job functions and working conditions. The apparel needs of a warehouse supervisor are very different from those of sales rep. You're probably tempted to just go with one polo shirt for everybody. But why not select a piece that meets the unique style and performance needs of all your employees. A garment that performs well for the wearer and is something they look forward to putting on.
Create a Cohesive Look Through Branding and Materials
Once you've chosen the right garments, it's time to think about branding. If your uniform program includes multiple pieces, you have an opportunity to give your brand a visual boost and do something memorable. Instead of defaulting to the usual embroidered left chest, try mixing and matching decoration techniques and exploring new branding locations. Or add some variety and flexibility to your uniform collection by choosing different garments that all have the same fabrics. It's the perfect way to add some diversity and visual interest, but maintain a cohesive feel.
Pick Something that Employees Will Want to Wear Outside of the Office
If you're investing in branded apparel as part of a uniform program, one of your goals must be to get your name in front of people. If you're looking to maximize brand impressions, select pieces that your team can wear not only at work, but out for dinner and drinks when things might be a little more casual. Also, don't overlook the importance of decoration and branding. A more subtle decoration scheme may encourage your sales team to keep that quarter zip on as they head from the board room to the restaurant.
With a little planning and attention to detail, you can put together a uniform collection that makes your brand standout and your employees happy.
Four Swag Bag Ideas Your Event Attendees Will Love
The key to picking out the perfect swag is understanding what purpose it serves. Swag is a lead-generating tool that can help start or foster a relationship that will eventually turn into a sale later. When done correctly, event swag keeps your brand top of mind and stays with attendees long after the event is over.
Don't underestimate the power of a t-shirt. They may be common, but they check a lot of the right boxes. From lounging to working out, everyone could use another t-shirt. It's also a chance to flex your design and show a different side of your brand. And they can signal status or even generate FOMO after the event.
People love to express themselves with stickers. It’s pretty common to see a jigsaw puzzle of stickers plastered all over laptops, water bottles and journals. Stickers are powerful visuals that people can use to show who they are and what they care about.
Most attendees spend over 8 hours on the trade show floor. By the time they reach your booth, they're most likely exhausted. So refuel them with a healthy snack in their swag bag or provide a courtesy snack basket. If they're not hungry now, they'll probably remember you when they are.
Elevate an attendee's perception of you by giving away a free book or digital assets. Try leveraging an app at your next event that allows you to strategically push white papers, ebooks, podcasts and more.
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