When to Use the "Only Once" Option on Campaign/Step 8
There are times when you may not want to send an email to the same recipient/contact twice. Selecting the "Only once" option, found on Campaign/Step 8, allows you to send an email to the same segment over and over; only new contacts added to the segment will receive the email. The email will not get delivered to recipients who received it in the past.

Note: After the "Only once" option is selected and the email has been sent, the option cannot be changed for future submissions of the email. If you'd like to send the same email with a different option you must copy the email content/template and create a new email for the other option(s).

Some examples of when TO USE the Only once twice option:

  • a large coupon/discount that you only want recipients to have the opportunity to use once
  • a free product/service that you only want recipients to have the opportunity to use once
  • Any emails scheduled to send EVERY DAY which also uses a segment that spans multiples days

For example, the 'New Customers' segment is 'Days Since First Purchase <=3'. If the email using this segment is on a recurring schedule and is sent every day of the week and you do not select 'Only once', then your customers may receive 3 emails from you (one for each day after making their first purchase) because they still meet the criteria of <=3. This may annoy customers and cause them to unsubscribe or mark the email as spam. Selecting the 'Only once' option will prevent this from happening.

Some examples of when NOT to use the Only once option:

  • Recurring "Birthday" emails - choosing this option stops customers from receiving a birthday email the following year.
  • Loyalty Point balance emails - choosing this option prevents customers from receiving a loyalty points balance email when they reach a loyalty point value multiple times in the future.
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