Is your Counterpoint data being communicated to Customer Connect?
Navigate to the NCR Customer Connect Dashboard and check when your last data upload occurred, located under Status Alerts. If it's been a couple days or more, there's a few things you can check before contacting Support to resolve the issue. On the NCR Counterpoint server check:
  • The service is still running - located under Administrative Tools > Services, named Radiant Integration Agent. Restarting the service does not have negative affects, so restart it to see if it corrects communication. If you cannot find the service, contact Support after reviewing the rest of the information below.
  • The version installed -
    • For NCR Counterpoint SQL: Navigate to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or Programs, highlight the Radiant Integration Agent program and click on the link labeled "click here for support information". If you're on anything older than version 2.1, contact Support after reviewing the rest of the information below.
    • For Counterpoint V7: Navigate to you CustomerConnect\Bin folder and review the CounterPointInfo.xml file. The version is on the line labeled <CcModuleVersion>. If you're on anything older than version 1.5, contact Support after reviewing the rest of the information below.
  • Ask yourself, did anything change around the date you last communicated your data? For example:
    • Install or upgrade Counterpoint, Smart Alerts or other software on your server, or move your data to a new server, etc. It's possible a reinstallation of the Integration Agent is needed. Please contact support before reinstalling.
    • Install or make changes to antivirus software. If this is the case, it's possible you may need to Whitelist (unblock or mark as trusted) NCR Customer Connect URLs and IP addresses, if the option is available within your antivirus program. Click here for a list of NCR Customer Connect URLs and IPs.
If the first two bullets don't correct data communication, contact Support at Provide support with the information discovered, following the three bullet points above. Also, include all files located under the Hosted Apps or CustomerConnect folder. Note: Your NCR Counterpoint version determines which folder will be seen on your system. Support will assist you in getting your data synced.