Viewing Bounced Email Data
The Bounces column, located on the Results/Campaigns tab, lists the total number of email addresses that were rejected by a recipient's Internet/Email Service Provider (ISP/ESP). There are two types:

1) Soft Bounce - This indicates the email account is temporarily unavailable. The address is recognized but email is undelivered. NCR Customer Connect tries to deliver the email for a few days but if it continues to receive soft bounces the email address remains reported as a soft bounce in Campaign Results. If an email address receives 8 consecutive soft bounces (from 8 different email submissions), it is marked as invalid and email cannot be sent to the address in the future. Soft bounces may be caused by:

  • A busy/down ISP/ESP server, no response
  • The account is set to away on vacation
  • The account's mailbox is full 
  • High number of spam complaints 

2) Hard Bounce - This indicates the email address is permanently unavailable and not recognized. NCR Customer Connect marks the address invalid and is reported as a hard bounce in Campaign Results. Future email cannot be sent to these email addresses. An email alert is sent to the Customer Connect login email address if hard bounces reach 5% or more per email submission.  Hard bounces are commonly caused by:

  • Improperly sourced lists - purchased, copied from directories, etc.
  • Old contact list/a non-active email address - the account is disabled/deleted & no longer in use; this puts you at risk of sending to spam traps
  • An invalid email address - the address was entered incorrectly
  • A non-active domain - they may no longer have a registered mail server
  • An invalid domain - the domain was entered incorrectly; e.g. invalid: / valid: 

Click on the number located under the Bounces column to see the list of bounced email addresses. The Bounce list:

  • Includes the recipient's email address, first name, last name, customer number, opt in date & bounce type.
  • Displays the failure status (failure code & short description) returned from the mail server when hovering over the returned bounce type. The data must be processed before it's available in the bounced report. Beginning 1/25/16 2:00pm EST
    • 550 5.2.1 The email account you tried to reach is disabled
    • 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
    • 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account
  • Can be filtered on email address, customer number, or contact type (customer or prospect).
  • Can be exported to a file.
  • The contact data for bounces are only available for the last 90 days. You may backup these results for future review by exporting them to .CSV/.PDF format
  • Failure status can also be found in the exported .CSV/.PDF file.
Bounced data can be viewed on each of the three drill down levels on the Campaign Results page:
1st Level - Campaign Results – the total number of bounced addresses for all emails sent within the campaign
2nd Level - Email Results – the number of bounced addresses separated by email within the campaign (if more than one email was created as a part of the campaign)
3rd Level - Submission Results – if an email within a campaign was sent multiple times, the number of bounced addresses for each submission can be found here


Enable Counterpoint Integration so an invalid email prompt is displayed on the Point of Sale during customer checkout, if the customer's email address is invalid. Read the linked article for details.