List Management

It's important to review and manage your lists regularly.

An unsubscribe request from a contact should be handled within 24 hours to adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act and Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

  • NCR Customer Connect automatically unsubscribes contacts who use the unsubscribe link, found in the footer of emails.
  • If contacts request to unsubscribe through any other method (email sent directly to the business, responses from other applications (NCR Counterpoint Online, etc.)), take a few moments to update this information in NCR Counterpoint, found in the customer record. Updating this information in NCR Counterpoint is reflected in NCR Customer Connect after your next successful data upload.
  • If any other application is used to communicate with contacts you'll need to manually unsubscribe them from those applications as well (i.e. NCR Counterpoint, NCR Counterpoint Online, NCR Retail Online.

    Note: If you have issues communicating Counterpoint data to NCR Customer Connect, navigate to the NCR Customer Connect Dashboard and click on the (i), located next to the Status Alert, to find troubleshooting tips. If the communication issue cannot be resolved quickly, unsubscribe the customer in NCR Customer Connect manually to ensure you complete their request.

There's nothing worse than requesting to unsubscribe your address and still receive emails from the business. This goes against the CAN-SPAM Act & the Canadian Anti-Spam Law and will definitely get your email marked as spam, which can eventually affect your email reputation.
Note: Unsubscribe/Opt-out results can be viewed on the Manage/Contacts page, Results/Contacts page or the pie chart located on the Dashboard.
Email Engagement
Manage your list(s) by sending a Reconfirm email to contacts who haven't displayed email engagement. To do this you must first create a new segment on Campaign/Step 4 "Days Since Email Engagement > 180". Then navigate to Manage/Contacts and choose to send reconfirm emails to the segment created. This gives contacts an opportunity to reengage with your emails. Those who choose not to resubscribe will be cleaned from your Active list giving you the opportunity to communicate & reach those engaged.

For more information about sending a Reconfirm email review How to Enable Confirmed Opt-In and its Benefits.
For more information about the segment Days Since Email Engagement review About Built-in Segments and Build-Your-Own Segments