Cozy homemade chili recipes
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There are certainly more ways than one to make the “best” chili out there, so you won’t hear us claiming that title — but we will claim that all of these recipes and tips result in delicious chili that is comforting and sure to satisfy a crowd of hungry people. Chili is endlessly versatile and made for customization so your goal with each new batch of chili should be to make the perfect pot for your palate!

Oh so creamy and incredibly flavorful, we love this change from traditional chili.  These comforting flavors will wrap you up like a blanket on a chilly night and keep your work in the kitchen to an absolute minimum. Just throw everything in the slow cooker and count down the hours until dinner!


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Another highly personal recipe preference: cornbread! This recipe in particular provides a bit of all worlds. It’s crunchy and buttery from baking in the hot cast iron skillet and has a touch of sweetness to balance out all of the bold spicy flavors of chili. We’d call it delicious.


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We couldn’t talk all about chili without a nod to the classic beef version. This is a simple dish that consists of the classic meaty base, beans and tomatoes, spices, and (for us) a whole lot of toppings! Sometimes, nothing can beat the classic!


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Join us this Saturday, March 16th at the store for a chili cook-off! Each entrant will receive a $10 store credit. Everyone will be able to taste and vote for their favorite and the favorite will win a Staub 3Qt. Tomato Cocotte ($180 value!) Don't miss it!

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