How do you calculate the Redeemed total?

** This feature is available for users of CPSQL 8.3.9 and above

The Campaign Results includes a Redeems column that calculates the total purchases made with a coupon or promotion code at a brick and mortar or NCR Counterpoint Online site. Hover over the redeemed amount to see the percentage, count, and the total discount given to all customers using the coupon/promo. For example, if the redeems column shows $3500 and the hover data displays 25%(3)Redeemed,$150 Discount:

$3500 - is the amount of all purchases where the coupon/promo was applied to transactions.
25%(3)Redeemed,$150 Discount - means 25% or 3 people of the emailed recipients used the coupon/promo and a total of $150 in coupons/promos were applied to transactions.

To utilize this feature:

  • A coupon code must be created in NCR Counterpoint SQL 8.3.9 or above. This code must be added to Campaigns/Step 2 (CounterPoint Discount Code).
  • A promotion code must be created in CPOnline. This code must be added to Campaigns/Step 2 (CPOnline Promo Code).

The total of all tickets during the email campaign period that include the coupon or promotion codes, entered on Campaigns/Step 2, are used to calculate the Redeems column. The email campaign period is determined by the Sales Date Range found on Step 8.

  • Coupon/Promotion redemptions are attributed to a campaign if they were made by a customer who received the email and has a customer record.
  • Posted tickets from your brick and mortar and Counterpoint Online store are included.
  • Coupon/Promotion redemptions made to "Cash" or "Walk-In" customer will never be attributed to the Results Redeemed column.

Note: "Cash" or "Walk-In" customer means a customer record was not used to capture the purchase. Instead, a pre-programmed customer record named "Cash" or "Walk-In" customer was used. Since the customer isn't identified with a customer number their purchase history cannot be tracked or attributed to an email campaign.  

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