Navigating through the Results Tab
NCR Customer Connect has introduced additional reports on the Results tab, here's a list of all the reports available:

Contact List Health - located under Results/Contacts
This report summarizes your contact list health by month, helping you visualize your contact list growth and provides you data for changing your strategy to help you to better grow your contact list.

Active Contacts: Number of customers or prospects with a valid email address. 
calculation: Customers + Prospects - Unverified Contacts = Active Contacts
Opt-Outs: Number of contacts who have opted out or unsubscribed.
Invalid Contacts: Number of contacts whose email address is invalid. (Bounced emails)
Unverified Contacts: Number of contacts whose email address has not been verified. These contacts haven't been sent an email yet.
Unconfirmed Contacts (available only if Confirmed Opt-In is enabled): Number of contacts who have not yet confirmed their subscription. 

Customers: Number of contacts who have made a purchase and have a customer number.
Prospects: Number of contacts who have not made a purchase from your company.
Converted Prospects: Number of prospects who have been converted over to a customer.
Billable Contacts: The highest number of active contacts during the billing month. 
Total Contacts (found on the exported file only): The total number of contacts.
calculation: Active Contacts + Opt-Outs + Invalid Contacts + Unverified Contacts = Total Contacts


  • If a contact has an invalid email address and is also opted out, they will be counted as invalid.
  • Deleting a contact overwrites all statuses. So, when deleting a contact they are counted as deleted even if the contact is also invalid, opted out or etc.

Campaign Results
- located under Results/Campaigns
This report provides statistics on the customers and prospects to whom the campaign was sent, within a specified date range. The statistics include the number of emails sent, bounces, opens, complaints, and clicks. Once you have posted your NCR Counterpoint tickets, you will also see purchases and coupon redemptions populated (coupon/promo redemptions only available in Counterpoint SQL version 8.3.9 and above).
  • Entering an Email Start & End Date provides the user a list of emails that were Sent within the specified date range. It also includes all purchases and clicks associated to the email. Note: The purchases and clicks are not limited to the date range specified. It includes everything associated to the email. To view purchases or clicks for a specific date range review the Purchases or Links Results.
  • The specified dates selected are used to filter the emails at not just the Campaign level, but the Email and Submission levels as well.
Note: When reviewing the number of clicks at the Campaign, Email or Submission levels, it represents the number of delivered emails that were clicked on. 

Email Link Tracking
- locate
d under Results/Links

This report provides a global list of links added to all emails sent. This report includes all links added after March 28, 2011.
  • Specify a Click Start & End Date to see all links clicked on within the date range specified.
  • Use the Campaign, Email, and Submission filters to see links only sent within those selections.
  • If using Google Analytics, this report can be used to assist with reconciling your numbers.

Note: NCR Customer Connect started capturing click data on 03/28/11. We will not have click data for emails sent prior to this date.

Click here for more information on Email Link Tracking.

Purchase Results
- located under Results/Purchases

This report provides statistics on the purchases and redemptions associated to a campaign. The statistics include the last date the campaign was sent, the amount of purchases and redemptions in the date range specified.
  • Specifying a Purchase Start & End Date provides the user a list of emails whose Purchases & Redemptions fall within the specified date range. A good use of this filter is to view results for a particular quarters sales/coupon redemptions. See *example below for details.
  • The specified date range is used to filter the purchases at not just the Campaign level, but the Email and Submission levels as well.

*Example: If you'd like to see 1st quarter sales/coupon redemptions, you'd select this report and enter 1/1 - 3/31, for your date range. The results would show you all sales/redemptions that occurred within the specified date range. 
If you used the Campaign Results report to view this data (using the same date range), the results would display all emails sent within that date range and would miss sales/redemptions for the first week and a half of January because their associated emails were sent in December.

Business Results
- located under Results/Business
This report is a high level view of your key business indicators over a 3 month time period. See the impact that your marketing campaigns have on your business. Float over the green bars to see the campaign and email names, email sent date, and the sales start and end dates. The green bar represents the sale dates. Float over the yellow diamonds to see campaign and email name and sent date. The yellow diamond represents the email submission 

Selecting a Business Indicator (Sales, Tickets, Average Ticket, etc.) displays a detailed view for that selection.
Selecting a specific email will link you to the Submission Results for that email.

Social Media Engagement 
- located under Results/Social Media
This report provides statistics on emails posted to social media sites or clicked on within social media sites. It provides three important pieces of data regarding the email post:
  • The date & time of the post
  • The status of the post (success or failure)
  • The number of clicks on the post

This data helps determine which posts were most successful so you may repeat it. For example, did a paid advertisement on social media help boost the number of clicks? Was there an increase in orders during the same time period? If so, it was money well spent. 

Click here for more information on Social Media Engagement.