Release Details - January 21, 2012
General Changes
A default login page is now available at, it includes info & log in for all Hosted Apps. NCR Customer Connect's direct login page is still located at


  • Address Scrubber added - a tool that displays the percentage of email addresses scrubbed within NCR Customer Connect. Scrubbing addresses is a process that verifies if an email address is known, good and active. 
  • Feedback button added - giving users quick access to UserVoice where product suggestions can be submitted.
  • A link has been added to the Status Alerts to provide users tips on how to troubleshoot data communication issues.
Step 2 - New field added named Campaign Type. The Scheduled campaign type is the default and is used by all CounterPoint users. At this time, the Transactional campaign type is only available to merchants who use the Silver point of sale.  
Step 3 - Company Country added to Email Sender, making the company address compatible for international merchants.
Step 4 - Additional segments available:
  • Contact List - This was previously known as List Name. Also use this segment to target contacts by contact source.
  • Contact List Name - Similar to Contact List, but additional choices are available (Contains, Begins With & Ends With). 
  • Country - This segment allows you to contact customers in a specific country.
  • Customer Category Code - Contact customers in a specific Customer Category. Note: You must use Customer Categories in NCR Counterpoint to use this segment.
  • Customer Type - This segment provides users the ability to send emails to a subset of Customers or Prospects when used with other rules.
  • Days Since Opt In - Target customers who have opted in within a specified number of days. The pre-loaded segment is named New Opt Ins.
  • Loyalty Program Code - Similar to Loyalty Program, but additional choices are available (Contains, Begins With & Ends With).
  • Vendor - Target customers who have purchased items from a particular vendor.


  • All text-based segments allow the use of CONTAINS, BEGINS WITH & ENDS WITH (see link above).
  • Segments may be copied (if the edit option is available) and adjustments can be made to the rules to create new segments. 

Step 6 - Additions include:

Step 8 Email delivery improvements



Additional Information

New help articles created for:
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Tips on upgrading and testing NCR Counterpoint  
Updates added to the following articles: 
Glossary of Terms Set & Forget Campaigns
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